Irresistible for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner!

And as pretty the commercial and advertising campaigns may look like, some really look and feel like beautiful winter fairy tail, stories coming alive, Christmas is not all that happiest period of time of all year. The reality is that Christmas time (and holiday season itself) is a period that brings to surface so much anxiety, worries, frustration, unhappiness and misery. A lot of pressure is felt by so many of us. In fact, Christmas brings so many times unhappiness and misery due to some misconceptions about the beauty of Christmas and because of society pressure that created an image for this period of the year, a frame where we all need to fit in to be accepted
As all the media and marketing shows a happy period and merry family gatherings, truth is that meeting the family for Christmas dinners and gatherings are not always pleasant and filled with pure joy. Because . . . we meet the family and have to listen to all the nasty things our families have to say about where we are in life right now.
What do I mean you ask yourself as you read these lines? Well, I mean that we all have one family member that always manages to pushes all of our buttons, with all his “good intentions”, all he/she does is triggering in us some level of anxiety and discomfort. Either is our parents (or just one of them), our sister or brother, or maybe that uncle or aunt who always knows better than us how we are supposed to be living our life?
How about changing all that this year? How about enjoying your holiday season no matter how your life looks right now a total mess, or lack of direction, or just fine. Not where you wanted to be just yet, but fine.
We come into this world pure beings of light, but early on in life we start to dim our light to please others around us, to fit in, to be accepted. And in that moment we start to disconnect from our true essence, from our joy, from our ecstatic nature. We feel the pressure to be and behave in a certain way that we end up forgetting our own way of being. And we carry on in life like that. And around Christmas that old wound opens up, because we are once again reminded how we failed to be this or that, or how we should have been following a certain career , and not the one that brings joy and content.
How about having a different Christmas this year? How about being a different you? How about being unshakeable in front of criticism and being at peace with all that is, just the way it is your life right now? How about shining bright regardless of what family pressures you to be and achieve? How about being irresistible for Christmas, New Years Eve and the year that is about to start?

Did I get your attention? Good!
Here are a few key themes we will focus our attention on:

–> start being unshakeable and unapologetic about who and where you are in your life right now;

–> connecting with your body on a deeper level;

–> staying in your feminine power center fully aware and awake in the present moment;

–> being at peace with what you have and where you are right now in your life;

–> being receptive and open even when it hurts;

–> expressing your femininity ,sensuality and joy without any fears or reservations,

–> exploring your feminine essence;

–> expand your magnetic presence.

What is special about this seminar:

1. Is dedicated entirely to you, beautiful woman!
2. You can bring a friend if you want to share this experience and prepare for Christmas with a dear friend All you have to do is to announce the name of your friend in time, her participation is Included in your ticket.Our motto is

Be a friend ! Bring a friend ! And the fun is shared in 2!

More details about the method Art Of Feminine Presence:

„”ART OF FEMININE PRESENCE”” is a unique method created
by Rachael Jayne Groover, author of the bestseller „”Powerful and Feminine „and „Divine Breadcrumbs”, a method that consists in 44 unique practices that include:
* Physical movements that cultivate feminine energy.
* Body awareness practices that help women be at home in their bodies- no matter what stress is occurring around them or within them.
*Energetic practices that spark an instant expansion of our femininity, sensuality ans sexuality.

More about your host:

Cristina Simincianu graduated Psychology and Sociology in Bucharest and she is passionate about self development and spirituality. She discovered Rachael Jayne Groover in a tough period of her life, back in 2012, and followed her work closely for 2 years until she decided to become a certified teacher in this method . In 2014 travelled to The Netherlands where she went through a certification program and now is a Level 1 Art Of Feminine Presence Teacher, established in her home town Bucharest, Romania. where she is leading seminar and workshops dedicated to empowering women to succeed in their life, regardless of their nature of interest- professional or personal level.

What is special about this seminar:

1. Is dedicated entirely to you beautiful woman!
2. You can bring a friend if you want to share this experience and prepare for Christmas with a dear friend All you have to do is to announce the name of your friend in time, her participation is Included in your ticket. Be a friend , bring a friend!
3. This is intended to be small circle of women willing to support ,empower and inspire each other. In order to keep it closed, intimate and a cozy gathering we are going to keep a limited number of seats available for only a few days!
If it resonates with you , you feel called to participate please find bellow the steps for registration.

For more information on how to register to participate please write an email at cristina.simincianu@gmail.com or simply register direct on the site www.artaprezenteifeminine.ro , (section 1 Day Seminar)

Please keep in mind that this event will be held in English, you can participate if you have a good English skills and understanding.