Mindfulness Meditation (in English), the 3rd – 4th of October


The mindfulness practice has been spreading rapidly worldwide especially in the West, where professionals from almost all fields have started to become familiar with it and use mindfulness techniques for their many benefits. Companies such as Google or Facebook even have special designed rooms and areas for their employees to practice mindfulness and meditation during work hours. An increasingly large number of scientific studies have shown the benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation, out of which the most common ones are: a greater ability to focus and concentrate, increased productivity, the lessening of the effects of stress on the body and a greater capacity to face and overcome difficult and stressful situations.

The good news is that one does not necessarily need a special setting or specially designated rooms to practice mindfulness, nor does one need to even leave the place were we are for it. By learning some simple techniques and the ways in which they can be used at any time during the day we can include this practice in our daily life with great benefits for ourselves, our work and those around us.

Together we will see what mindfulness is, how it benefits us and we will learn some easy but very effective techniques that we can use during the day to make our life easier and to be able to enjoy each moment of our life more.

☼ Techniques that we will practice together:
– Mindfulness of Breath Meditation

☼ Weekly Schedule:
Monday: 10.00 – 11.30 a.m.
Tuesday: 10.00 – 11.30 a.m.

☼ Attendance Fee: 60 Ron / person
For regular Attendance: 50 Ron / person
(when booking 4 classes)

Limited places available: 15 persons max.
Language: English

☼ Note: No prior experience with mindfulness practices is required for attending. You will be given all instructions and explanations neeed to be able to easily practice these meditation techniques.

☼ About the Trainer
Crina Radu started the journey towards conscious self exploration in 2012 and this journey took her from Europe to Asia and then back to Europe, facilitating her interaction with several philosophical and religious traditions and different meditation techniques that she later incorporated in a holistic system that one can easily apply into daily life. She studied the art and practice of meditation especially with Tibetan Buddhist masters in Asia that helped her develop a practice that is now becoming a way of life which has helped her observe and transform limiting behavioural patterns that were causing a lot of suffering.

Crina is a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, a Reiki practitioner, Basic Master – New Paradigm MDT, passionate as well about communication and all the holistic ways in which one can bring wellbeing into one’s life.


To register please write to: livinglifemindfully33@gmail.com .